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 Whether you're an experienced pianist or a novice, walking into a piano store and making a decision to purchase a piano without the proper information can be intimidating.  Many stores have dozens of instruments for you to choose from, and, with the proliferation of look-alike models, it is often hard to tell one from the other-much less decide which is best.  Fortunately, with a honest knowledgeable sales staff with many years of experience as teachers and players ourselves, we can help you narrow down the options.  Whether you're buying for your child, yourself, a school or church, whether your budget is modest or unlimited, the process is the same:  Look, listen and compare.

Here is a "buyer's outline" of seven key points to consider:

Tone:  For most people, tone is by far the most important attribute of a piano. The only way to judge it is to listen.  Play, or have us play, the same short piece on every instrument you are considering.

Touch:  An unresponsive keyboard will frustrate beginners and accomplished pianists alike.  Off all the instruments you may try, you will find that Yamaha pianos are the most responsive to your touch.  Yamaha's painstaking design and precision engineering assure that the keys travel smoothly and quickly, allowing the full range of expression.

Tuning Stability:  Talk to a piano technician.  Ask about the tuning stability of the various brands they find in people's homes.  We have many area tuners who will gladly advise you to purchase a Yamaha piano as they know Yamaha pianos are stable, reliable instruments made from quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, which in turn, makes it an easy instrument to service and maintain.

Beauty:  In your home, a piano becomes a beautiful piece of furniture and will become a focal point to the room it inhabits.  The piano's cabinet design, color and luster should be as pleasing to your eyes as the sound is to your ears.

Value:  In the final analysis, is a Yamaha piano a sound investment?  Keep in mind that a good piano will last a lifetime.  Value depends on how carefully you choose and care for your piano.  Ask around.  You will find that Yamaha has a reputation for quality and durability.  Yamaha is one of the most respected names in professional music around the world, and is a fantastic investment for a lifetime of music.

Image:  Yamaha has a well established reputation for quality, integrity and commitment to excellence.  To make inquiries with local instructors, piano technicians and professional musicians you will quickly discover that the Yamaha image meets your highest expectations.

Life:  To purchase a Yamaha piano is to invest in one of the most prestigious musical instruments in the world.  You should be assured that your investment will enjoy a substantial longevity.  All new Yamaha pianos are backed by the exclusive Yamaha ServiceBond Assurance Program, a ten years parts and labor warranty.

Although, the options are vast, there is a reason Mitchell Piano Works has dedicated our entire showroom to Yamaha pianos.  We believe so strongly that Yamaha makes the best piano on the market, with worldwide recognition for their beauty, touch, tone, quality and overall value, we invite you to see, hear and fall in love with the Yamaha pianos in our showroom.